• Matcha Collagen Latte Recipe

    Matcha Collagen Latte Recipe

    Are you a fan of collagen? If so, this frothy latte is a delicious way to include extra amino acids in your diet while enjoying the benefits of matcha. Collagen is a structural protein and is found in areas like our digestive tract, skin, tendons, muscles, hair, teeth and bones.
  • Calming Plant Remedies to Pair With Matcha

    Calming Plant Remedies to Pair with Matcha

    We believe in the healing powers of plants so we decided to put together a quick list of 4 additional herbs and supplements that you can pair with your matcha for a relaxed inner glow.
  • 5 Unique Matcha Recipes You Need to Try

    5 Unique Matcha Recipes You Need to Try

    Looking for some fun and unique ways to incorporate matcha into your lifestyle? We put together a blog post with some of our favourite Soar Organics community matcha recipes. Let us know if you give any of these delicious creations a try at home!
  • Matcha DIY Skin Scrub

    DIY Matcha Exfoliant Scrub

    Incorporating matcha as a holistic approach for healthy and glowing skin: DIY Matcha Skin Scrub.  Our friend and holistic nutritionist Sierra Wright of Cultivate Roots Wellness created this beautiful matcha skin scrub using our matcha to share with you.  Creating your...

  • Comforting Matcha Rose Latte Recipe

    Comforting Matcha Rose Latte

    Since rose water and matcha are such a lovely pairing, we had to do a rendition of our Iced Matcha Latte with Rose Infused Ice Cubes from last summer. If you haven’t given our iced rose matcha version a try, it’s the perfect recipe to help keep you cool in the warm weather.
  • Minty Matcha Coconut Yogurt Parfait Recipe

    Minty Matcha Coconut Yogurt Parfait

    Are you a fan of mint? We definitely are, especially when it’s fresh and organic. Mint has a lovely aroma and offers a variety of health benefits. We’ve included mint in this delicious breakfast treat because of its ability to aid in digestion. It also pairs lovely with matcha, and we couldn’t resist combining the two together.