• Matcha White Chocolate Bark Recipe

    Gaby's Festive Matcha White Chocolate Bark

    Gaby put together this quick, easy and delicious holiday-inspired matcha white chocolate bark. Adding matcha to your holiday recipes this season is a great way to sneak in some extra antioxidants.
  • Paleo Matcha Cookies Recipe

    Cori's Paleo Matcha Cookies

    We're thrilled to have Cori feature her recipe for these chewy paleo Soar Organics matcha cookies. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, Cori shares her passion for health and wellness through healthy recipes and tips on her Instagram page and newly launched blog.
  • Creamy Matcha Miso Hummus Recipe

    Creamy Matcha Miso Hummus

    The combination of high-quality matcha and white miso deliver a rich and unforgettable umami taste. This matcha-inspired recipe is a great spin on the classic Mediterranean style hummus. It's the perfect addition to include with your healthy snacks, and delivers a powerful...

  • Simple Matcha Latte Recipe

    4 Delicious Ways to Add Matcha to Your Life

    For the launch of our new community blog section we're thrilled to feature four different creators that have put together delicious and easy to recreate Soar Organics matcha recipes. Check out their individual websites and Instagram pages for more healthy recipe...

  • Divine lime matcha smoothie bowl recipe

    Divine Lime Matcha Smoothie Bowl

    Smoothie bowls are a fun way to incorporate fresh and revitalizing foods into your diet. The combination of matcha and lime in this summer inspired smoothie bowl go together beautifully. Matcha alone is a powerhouse of antioxidants, but when coupled with lime...

  • Matcha overnight oats recipe

    Matcha Overnight Oats

    Oats are definitely a favourite for us, and with matcha added it's a win-win! If you've never heard of "overnight oats" before.. they're oats that don't need to be cooked because the mixture is left for a period of time.