Masterfully crafted hojicha

Sourced from Japan

Our hojicha powder comes from green tea leaves grown in the Kagoshima and Mie regions of Japan. These green tea leaves are steamed, rolled, dried, roasted and eventually ground into a fine powder.

Blended with experience

A wealth of experience and knowledge is required to bring out the true, rich flavour and aroma of hojicha. We've partnered with a roasting specialist in Japan to develop a thoughtfully balanced blend of summer harvest leaves, autumnal harvest leaves and a dash of "kuki" (meaning "stems"). Kuki adds a certain richness that can only be found in the stem of the leaf. Our hojicha is slowly roasted at high temperatures which creates a delicious flavour profile with caramel, nutty and smoky notes.

Certified organic

We care about quality. Soar Organics hojicha powder is certified by both COR (Canadian Organic Regime) and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard). This means no harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial agents are used in any of our farming activities. Additionally, our hojicha is free of any unnecessary additives, sweeteners or fillers. It’s also gluten-free. Now we're talking!

Independently tested

Soar Organics hojicha powder is independently lab tested by a worldwide leader in food and environmental product testing. Samples are regularly analysed for contaminants such as heavy metals, radiation, pesticides and mycotoxins. Rest assured, our hojicha consistently passes the most stringent testing and no contaminants have ever been detected in our products. Just pure hojicha goodness!

Try a delicious hojicha latte for yourself with Soar Organics Hojicha Powder.