An authentic matcha experience

Historic Japanese origin

We’ve carefully sourced a high quality and great tasting organic matcha directly from the Uji, Kyoto and Kagoshima regions of Japan. Uji, the birthplace of Japanese matcha, began cropping up over 800 years ago and is now known for producing the most premium matcha in the world. Uji’s unique mountainous terrain and nearby river provide the perfect mild, misty climate where our green tea leaves can flourish.

Attention to detail

Crafting a quality matcha is an ancient process that requires knowledge, patience and care. Our green tea leaves are carefully shaded before harvest to enhance their natural chlorophyll and amino acid (L-Theanine) levels. These leaves are steamed, destemmed and deveined before being slowly stone ground into matcha powder. Stone-mill grinding helps prevent the overheating of the matcha and produces an exquisite, fine powder. These meticulous farming and production processes are integral in optimizing nutritional value and bringing out the true authenticity of matcha’s smooth, sweet taste.

Quality preservation

Matcha powder is sensitive and its quality can deteriorate quickly when exposed to air and light (oxidation). As opposed to importing matcha powder in bulk, we’ve formed strategic partnerships to pack and seal our matcha in Japan during production. This ensures the matcha maintains its optimal flavour, colour and freshness - just the way nature intended it.

Certified organic and then some

Soar Organics matcha is certified by both COR (Canadian Organic Regime) and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard). This means no harmful chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial agents are used in any of our farming activities. Additionally, our matcha is free of any unnecessary additives, sweeteners or fillers. It’s also gluten-free. This is something we can celebrate!

Independently tested

We take many additional steps to ensure that our matcha is one you can trust and can feel good about consuming every day. Soar Organics matcha is independently lab tested by a worldwide leader in food and environmental product testing. Samples are regularly analysed for contaminants such as heavy metals, radiation, pesticides and mycotoxins. Rest assured, our matcha consistently passes the most stringent testing and no contaminants have ever been detected in our products - just clean, green organic matcha goodness!

For more specific information on our matcha powder by grade or to find a matcha that’s right for you, check out our Matcha Buyer's Guide. Ready to start sipping? Visit our Shop.