By Soar Organics

Minty Matcha Coconut Yogurt Parfait

Are you a fan of mint? We definitely are, especially when it’s fresh and organic. Mint has a lovely aroma and offers a variety of health benefits. We’ve included mint in this delicious breakfast treat because of its ability to aid in digestion. It also pairs lovely with matcha, and we couldn’t resist combining the two together.

Minty Matcha Coconut Yogurt Parfait Recipe

If you’re not big on lattes, including matcha in some of your foods (like this parfait) is still a great way to obtain its nutrients. We especially recommend opting for matcha in the mornings as matcha has been said to help stimulate our metabolism.

Minty Matcha Coconut Yogurt Parfait Recipe


Makes one parfait.


  1. Combine yogurt, matcha powder and peppermint extract in a bowl and mix well. Set aside.
  2. In a small mason jar or glass, layer the granola and matcha yogurt until you reach the top.
  3. Finally, garnish with fresh mint and your choice of seasonal fruit. Enjoy!