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Find your perfect matcha.

Not sure what grade of matcha is for you? We got you. Our Matcha Buyer's Guide breaks down the origin of each matcha powder we offer, the best way to use it and a preview of those subtle and unique matcha tasting notes!

Kirishima Ceremonial Matcha

Soar Organics Kirishima Ceremonial Matcha is a premium first harvest matcha powder produced by a single farmer in the Kirishima, Kagoshima region of Japan. The rich soils, clear water and deep fog of the Kirishima mountains provide the perfect environment for tea cultivation. As such, this region has received numerous Japan National Tea Competition awards for producing exceptional tea.

Origin: Kirishima, Kagoshima
Tasting Notes: Light-bodied, ripe citrus fruit, hints of baby spinach.
Best Use: Traditional matcha tea and premium matcha lattes.
Perfect Match: Tea lovers seeking out some of the best tasting and most unique matcha Japan has to offer.

Uji Ceremonial Matcha

Soar Organics Uji Ceremonial Grade Matcha is a connoisseur favorite. Masterfully grown in historic Uji, Kyoto, this first harvest matcha can be appreciated for its vibrant green colour, deliciously smooth flavour and rich nutritional profile. Only the youngest, shade-grown leaves are picked for this classification of matcha. Their stems and veins are entirely removed before being slowly stone ground into a very fine, delicate powder.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto
Tasting Notes: Medium-bodied, creamy, smooth, hints of milk chocolate.
Best Use: Traditional matcha tea and premium matcha lattes.
Perfect Match: The connoisseur that prefers to sip their matcha as tea or a matcha latte lover with an extra appreciation for quality.

Everyday Matcha

Soar Organics Everyday Grade Matcha is a beautifully balanced blend of first and second harvest matcha powder. Derived from the renowned Uji, Kyoto and Kagoshima regions of Japan, this blend was curated with both quality and versatility in mind. From a morning latte to an afternoon smoothie, our Everyday Matcha’s fine texture and classic taste will satisfy your matcha experience from start to finish.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto & Kagoshima
Tasting Notes: Full-bodied, vegetal, slight creaminess.
Best Use: Matcha lattes and blended beverages.
Perfect Match: Anyone looking for a versatile and great tasting matcha powder that doesn't sacrifice quality for price.

Culinary Matcha

Soar Organics Culinary Grade Matcha is carefully crafted from green tea leaves chosen for their uniquely rich flavour. This matcha is harvested later in the season, giving it a stronger and more distinct Japanese green tea taste. Culinary Grade Matcha is the perfect healthy ingredient to include in your blended beverages and matcha-inspired treats.

Origin: Uji, Kyoto & Kagoshima
Tasting Notes: Bold, earthy, slight astringency.
Best Use: Blended beverages and baked goods.
Perfect Match: The matcha-inspired chef and those who prefer their matcha in a smoothie or shake.