• Matcha for Healthy & Glowing Skin

    Matcha for Healthy & Glowing Skin

    Incorporating matcha as a holistic approach for vibrantly healthy skin.  By: Sierra Wright, holistic nutritionist and owner of Cultivate Roots Wellness Jump to DIY Matcha Exfoliant Scrub Recipe Skin, the human body’s largest organ, is our flexible protective barrier against our...

  • Soar Organics Matcha Mycotoxin Testing

    Introducing Mycotoxin Testing for Matcha and Hojicha

    Mycotoxin screening will join heavy metals, pesticides and radiation as key contaminants that we test for regularly. Soar Organics products are independently lab tested by a worldwide leader in food and environmental product testing.
  • COVID-19 Update from Soar Organics

    COVID-19 Update from Soar Organics

    In an effort to help lessen the financial burden to those impacted by this global health crisis we're now offering free shipping on all orders to Canada & US. We've also launched a new Buy One Get One 50% Off sale valid until April 30th 2020.
  • 3 Tips Every Matcha Lover Should Know

    3 Tips Every Matcha Lover Should Know

    Matcha is a delicate powder made from specially grown and processed green tea leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant. If you haven’t tried matcha before you should definitely give it a try. Not only is it pleasantly delicious, but it’s full of healthy nutrients.
  • Holding a cup of organic matcha with bubbles

    3 Reasons Why You Should Try Organic Matcha

    Matcha green tea has a deeply rooted history that dates back over a thousand years. Matcha tea has been (and still is) used in traditional and meditative tea ceremonies across the world. So what is matcha, anyway? Matcha is a...