Hojicha 101

What is hojicha powder?

Hojicha is a traditional Japanese tea made from roasted green tea leaves. It is distinctive from other Japanese green teas because of this unique roasting process. Hojicha is fired at high temperatures which alter its colour from green to reddish brown and create a flavour profile with caramel, nutty and smoky notes. Similar to matcha, the tea leaves are eventually ground down into a very fine powder that can be used for lattes, blended beverages and culinary delights.

Low in caffeine 

One of the many attractive characteristics of hojicha is it’s low caffeine content. Hojicha is made from bigger green tea leaves of a later harvest (and often twigs and stems, too). These tea leaves contain much less natural caffeine when compared to a ceremonial grade matcha, for example. Additionally, it’s believed that hojicha’s meticulous roasting process attribute to its limited caffeine content. We invite you to enjoy a flavourful hojicha latte in the morning, afternoon or evening!

Hojicha benefits

When you use hojicha powder you are consuming the whole-leaf (as opposed to steeped tea) which means you are getting an abundance of green tea nutrients. Hojicha powder, like matcha, is full of healthy antioxidants and the amino acid L-Theanine. This delightful powder also boasts a rich, pleasant aroma that will help you unwind, relax and enjoy the moment.

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